Math 1010: Intermediate Algebra

Please click below to view my 1st Math Project for Intermediate Algebra.

Modeling the Utah Population

This population modeling project covers linear functions represented here as F(x)= 7/15x +14 This means that for every 15 years the Utah population grows by approximately 700,000 people. Population is a dynamic thing to measure, meaning that it is difficult to precisely predict the outcome for every given year. However over longer periods of time it is possible to find a trend as pictured with the graph on the last page of the attached PDF. The Y value or +14 represents the year 1980 when the Utah population was approximately 140,000. This project showed me that sometimes an exact answer is not the best answer for all cases. It would be possible to falsely predict growth either to high or to low if you were to break it down to specific years.


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