Humanities 1100

Please click the link below to read my reflection on the Henry the V reading. This page was created from the guidelines outlined by Professor Bitter, Humanities 1100.

Henry the V reflection

I’ve chosen to write about the following Learning Outcomes:

1. Students communicate effectively.
I believed I already knew how to communicate effectively. I could voice what needed to be said and could articulate my thoughts into words. In a group setting however I used to be very shy, I wouldn’t speak up about my opinion and beliefs. At the beginning of Spring 2014 semester Prof. Bitter told us that part of our class points would be from participating in the in-class discussions. I knew I was in trouble. However by the second week I was comfortable speaking up and voicing my opinion. I think the fact that we were talking about such controversial subjects where everyone was uncomfortable at some point made it easier on me. I felt very comfortable in the class, none of the students were judging, no one had bad words to say about the others opinion. In my previous classes I felt that was not that case. I also feel like I developed some more of my ideals, and now I can speak about them.
5. Students develop the knowledge and skills to work with others in a professional and constructive manner.
I think working in a professional environment can be a difficult transition for many people in the younger generations. However with this class I was able to see how others worked with differing opinions. We don’t all have to agree, but everyone needs to accept that differing views and beliefs exist. Not judging someone or treating them poorly because they think differently then you is wrong. I knew this before but putting into practice with touchy topic discussion in class really helped develop my tactfulness when conversing about a subject where I may disagree with the other person.


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