Communication 1050: Communication Theory

Please click the link below to read my Tech Check paper. Assigned by Professor L. Jay Williams for Communication 1050.

Tech Check Paper

In this Communication theory course we covered 23 of the “ground-rule” communication theories. These covered the basic principles of how humans communicate. Communication is a social process, we establish symbols and interpret and give value to their meaning. We covered the 7 traditions of of communication Identified by Robert Craig: rhetorical, semiotic, phenomenological, cybernetic, socio-psychological, socio-cultural, and critical. We evaluated these theories on based on scope, logical consistency, parsimony, utility, testability, heurism, and the test of time.

I really enjoy communication classes, the topics covered and the ability to take away practical information about interacting with others is extremely useful. I was able to identify some of my weaknesses and strengths and build on those with some of the principles learned from the text book. My favorite was the theory I was assigned to speak about, the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. Which explains “how communication is used to reduce uncertainties between strangers engaging in their first conversation together.” Stating that there are 2 main goals of relational partners during an initial encounter. The first one is reducing uncertainty about the other relational partner. The second is increasing predictability of behaviors by their partner. Everyone can learn from this theory because we are all in college and constantly being pushed out of our comfort zone meeting new people and interacting with them on a constant basis. I was able to understand some of the nervousness and difficulties some people have meeting others. This coincided with my Technical Writing class English 2100, when talking about forming a project group in a work environment.


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