Biology 1615

Please follow the link below to read an Article Summary on Vector Ecology about Essential Oils used as insect repellents.

Biology 1615 Article Summary

Researching  and diving into this Vector Ecology Journal article actually helped me answer questions in my professional life as well as grow academically and aquire substantive knowledge. I work in the outdoor industry as an outfitter and guide and I’m asked all the time “Is there anything other than DEET that works against bugs?” or “I don’t like XYZ harsh chemical isn’t there an alternative?” Now I can give them an answer with more knowledge of the subject after writing about it.

Faced with the sheer amount of content in the scientific journal I had to think critically about what the assignment called for as to cut down and meet requirements. Turning in a paper too long or too short, I would face similar point deductions. I had to read and reread over the article and create a system of what was fluff and what was cold hard fact. Needing to meet deadlines cutting the fat was the best way to sort through data. I was left with the minimal needed and I filled in where needed for readability and comprehension to anread audience.


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